What are the standard measurements?

✓ Standard measurements: 2,80 m (110,2 in) (H) x 3,06 m (120,47 in) (W)
✓ Comes in 2 pieces, each 1,53 m (60,2 in) wide

How to measure your wall?

✓ Before placing an order with DIMENSE, it's important to measure the height and width of your wall accurately. To ensure a perfect fit, we will be adding an extra 10 centimeters to both the top and side of your measurements. This allows for any wall deviations and guarantees a seamless installation of your new textured décor.

Can measurements be tailored?

Yes, we can tailor most of the designs to your wall measurements. Just fill in the inquiry form next to the product photo with the measurements of your wall and we will get back to you.