Dimense Décor – what is it?

Paintable DIMENSE décor – unique textured walls


What is DIMENSE décor?

DIMENSE décor  is a unique way to subtly add another dimension to the home and office interior – painted textured walls.

Plain painted walls are not excessively ambitious and create a great background for other elements of the interior design. Wouldn’t it be great if we could liven up the interior by giving the painted walls a unique, unrepeatable structure?

DIMENSE painted wall décor  allows giving a unique texture to your painted walls in the simplest way, making your interior distinctive.

Why it is worth choosing DIMENSE painted wall décor?

This solution will radically change your interior without heavy investments of money and effort. It is rebirth of painted walls that will give new life to your interior. Without losing the technical properties of the painted walls, DIMENSE painted décor offers several additional advantages:

  • The unique wall structure hides the imperfections of the walls and strongly enriches the interior;
  • The mechanical properties of the painted décor allow hiding cracks in newly built walls;
  • Preparation of walls for applying the décor is much simpler and does not require such large investment as that for painting;
  • The painted décor  is made of human and environmentally friendly materials.

Product uniqueness

DIMENSE digital printing technology allows printing textured 3D décors. The décors can be easily adapted to walls of all sizes. All you need to do is choose one of the existing designs from the catalogue or create your own original wall structure. The décor printed in digital wide format 3D technology is free of PVC (polyvinyl chloride), plasticizers, and phthalates.


From now on, your painted walls can have a unique texture, and a flat and smooth surface can turn into a distinctive, exclusive design element.


DIMENSE your walls!