How to install?

Installing DIMENSE décor is a simple process. If you know how to put up wallpaper and paint walls, then you can easily do it yourself. If not, we recommend entrusting this work to experts. You will find detailed directions in the video or in the instruction below.


The first step – putting up the décor onto the wall


Selection of glue: all glues that are intended for non-woven heavy wallpapers are suitable. If the wall surface does not absorb moisture (painted, varnished, plastic, etc.), it is necessary to use glue containing PVA.

The wall surface must be smooth, clean and, if possible, covered with primer.

The adhesive is applied to the wall and the attached décor is pressed against the wall with a rubber roller to remove the air. Since DIMENSE décor strips are wide, we recommend that this operation is performed by two people.

When putting up the décor, the following must be remembered:

  • Start putting up the décor from the edge, leaving a small bleed of 3–5 cm at the top and bottom;
  • The parts of the décor are put up next to each other without a gap, while aligning the pattern throughout the seam;
  • Use a sharp tool to carefully cut off the extra bleeds.

After you finish putting up the décor, allow the glue to dry and start

painting no earlier than 8–12 hours after the end of this operation. The

recommended room temperature is +18 °C to +25 °C; there must be no drafts in the room.


The second step – painting the décor


DIMENSE décor painting is no different from usual wall painting. Just choose the desired paint shade, mix the paint according to the manufacturer’s recommendations and paint the surface of the décor with a roller.

Choice of paint: we recommend choosing water-based paint because of its ecological qualities; however, other types of paint are also suitable. The more glossy the paint, the more visible the wall texture will be. Paints with various effects, such as with a metallic effect, also match perfectly.

The décor needs to be painted in 2–3 coats.

Painted DIMESNE décor has the same mechanical qualities as declared by the paint manufacturer, so its maintenance is the same as that for usual painted walls.